Fashion Week Tunis 2014 Day 1 Highlights

Fashionistas and buyers gathered at the El Mouradi hotel in the gorgeous city of Tunis for the first day of Fashion Week Tunis 2014. Host Maiken Lorentz revealed the highlights of day one: “We’re going to see Narciso Domingo Machiavelli, Leila Zrrim and Quentin Veron, and they’re all a beautiful mix of designers. We’re going to see modern Tunisian fashion, traditional Tunisian fashion and Parisian haute couture.”

Narciso Domingo Machiavelli unveiled his gorgeous collection entitled “Iconography: A Retrospective Life of An Icon. Part 1: Frida Kahlo.” “For this summer I’m choosing Frida Kahlo for her warm color, for the country that she’s from, for the history, for the story, for everything that Frida Kahlo represents,” he said.

Leila Zrrim spoke to Fashion One about her collection. “We completed everything in one month. Everything is handmade, with pearls, and I would really like to thank the entire team who worked with me. I brought fifteen dresses with me to the show, and the first dress is hand-embroidered with silk.”

Finally, Quentin Veron introduced his work—a collection with a color palette ranging from black, to white, to gold. “It’s not like a proper collection, actually; it’s more like three different collections that I’ve mixed together. One of my first collections was all black and white, my second collection was mostly gold and my last collection was all black, so I mixed all of them to make a story. It’s the main pieces of my old collections mixed together to make a show today,” he said.

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