Jungle Is Massive at Sophia Webster Spring/Summer 2015

Jungle rave motifs served as an omnipresent backdrop for Sophia Webster’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. For her September show at London Fashion Week, Webster decided to hold the show at a spot in London famous for graffiti art, to coincide with her theme, “Jungle Is Massive.”

Throughout the dimly lit yet colorful room, models either stood seductively in tall red cages or brood on chaise longues while sporting bondage boots, neon utility belts and lustrous locks of hair extensions.

“We’ve been working together for a couple of seasons now,” says Gary Card, the set designer. “This is my second season. Last time we did a Narnia set, which was very sweet, and pastelly and unicorny … and this time we just thought we’d throw everything at them and make it as intense and visually arresting as possible … it was more about making a visually exciting thing, rather than making something about the products.”

Webster sticks to her signature style of single soles, feminine lines and strong silhouettes, yet spices it up with luminous animal prints and suede trimmings. The accompanying accessories had a strength of their own as well, and if Webster were ever to expand into a clothing line with additional accessories, the fruit-printed fans and string trousers would certainly prove to be visually arresting additions.

The show itself is an innovative exhibition of footwear which proves that shoes aren’t simply the last components of an outfit, but part of a larger vision. Webster’s point of view is shouted rather than expressed, and is surely to excite fans of her work.
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