The Future of Fashion: Fashion Frontline Season 3 Episode 75

This week’s Fashion Frontline looks to the future of the fashion industry, with features including Prada’s prospects, predictions about e-commerce, and Jimmy Choo’s newest venture. Here too is Emma Watson’s game-changing UN speech and Hollywood’s hottest new couple (well, they couldn’t keep it a secret forever!).

So what does the future of fashion look like? For Jimmy Choo the answer lies in the stock markets. The shoes and accessories label is making its first steps to becoming a public company, and will be listing shares on the London stock exchange from October. Italian luxury brand Prada is also looking to the future and, despite increased consolidated revenues since last year, sees a difficult road ahead amid current geo-political conditions. It’s not just Prada who are facing concerns for the future: a recent survey of over 1,000 U.S. retailers questions the sustainability of e-commerce, noting lack of infrastructure and urgency to cement long-term strategies.

Future concerns of a different kind were raised this week, as Emma Watson delivered a powerful speech inciting men to join feminists’s ranks in the battle for gender equality. In her “He for She” speech, the actress talked about men’s place in this crucial global campaign, as well as her own experiences of sexism.

On its 50th anniversary, Vogue Italia mixed celebration of its illustrious past with a move to modernity. Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani’s decision to digitize the magazine’s archives will allow young people to peruse the “entire history of fashion.”
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