Kiss Beauty Products Launch London 2014

Kiss Beauty Products held their massive event launch at Home House in London, a very exclusive location. Fashion One correspondent Stefanie Rycraft Jones was present to dish all of the details on the event.

Dancer Danielle Peazer co-hosted the glamorous event, endorsing the latest Kiss releases in natural false eyelashes and false nails. “I’m here to spread the word about how quick and easy they are to apply—both the lashes and the nails,” she said. “The lashes have this new tapered end technology, so they look really natural on the lash and they come in different styles, volumes and lengths to suit your specific eye. The nails come in a ton of different designs, patterns and shapes,” she revealed.

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy was on hand to give her impression of the event and the products. “I’ve had a busy day around London, but I just had to come here for this because I do love lashes,” she exclaimed. “They’re always very glam, but their lashes particularly are so easy for me to put on. Because I’m dashing from one red-carpet event to another, I need to be quick and I can’t take a lot of time to get ready; I find them so easy to apply and they look great when I’m doing photographs and filming. They are definitely my favorite.”

Celebrity nail technician Leighton Denny, who was invited to judge the nail competition, had praise for the brand. “It’s definitely going to make people’s lives easier because of the concept and technology behind it. If you can’t grow your nails no matter what you’ve done, then these express stick-on nails are brilliant because they don’t damage the nail when you apply them.”
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