Backstage at PORTS 1961 Milan Menswear Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Fashion One gained exclusive access to the backstage set of the Ports 1961 show for the Milan Menswear Collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

The models’ hair was sleek and straight and short at the back and sides and longer on top, and was styled with a side parting. Makeup artist Michele Magliani spoke of the surreal architectural style of the collection and the clean, minimalistic lines. He added that he used BB cream as the foundation base on the models, to perfect their skin while keeping a natural look.

The brand’s creative director Fiona Cibani spoke about the collection, saying, “The collection was inspired by surreal architecture. To be specific, I was so inspired by Renzo Piano, the Italian architect. It’s about the clean lines, the details, precision, proportions and geometry. So the collection is clean and precise, and beautifully executed,” she explained. “The silhouette is cropped and boxy on top, very fluid, full and comfortable on the bottom, so it’s perfect for the season. I wish I could wear the clothes! It’s all very comfortable—it’s for the man who wants to dress for himself, so it’s all about luxe but understated fabric, and very comfortable silhouettes. We call it sporty tailoring, so it’s tailored but in a sporty way, so it’s very comfortable, very chic, very youthful. My favorite is the silk, water-resistant membrane, but we also have the highest quality and beautifully structured cottons. The palette is very neutral, punctuated with tobacco and olive tones—it’s a very comfortable, sophisticated palette. Accessories are very clean and architectural as well, giving a clean, precise look from the outside.”

Male models on the catwalk included Lucas Cristino, Fernando Cabral, Jeremy Matos and Simon Fitskie.
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