The Revival of an Empire at Emanuel Ungaro Spring/Summer 2015

Emanuel Ungaro, under the new creative direction of Fausto Puglisi, continues to make a strong comeback. The fashion house was once troubled by the retirement of its founder of the same name in 2005, followed by a revolving door of creative directors that continued for years afterwards, yet is now once again embracing high fashion with its ultra-feminine and sexy silhouettes, topped off with an air of freshness and tranquility.

Long-sleeved maxi dresses of red, yellow and blue were the first to make their appearance, lending the show a taste of old European glamour. Dresses were accompanied with capes and often featured plunging necklines, projecting a confident sexuality not seen at the fashion house for a long time.

“I want it to be fresh, I want it to be sexy, I want it to be feminine, I want it to be fresh and I want it to be easy, even if it’s very colorful and it’s very strong. At the end, you can wear it with flat shoes and your coat to the boat,” Puglisi said in a post-show interview with Paris Mode Productions. “You’re getting the boat, you know it’s summer, it’s spring … I believe that all of us in spring should feel beautiful, sexy, amazing, happy and it’s a declaration of happiness for me.”

Prints were seen paired together: Checkered with floral was the overarching motif in this collection, and black fingerless gloves added a playful and edgy touch to the look. Though the image has been updated with Puglisi’s exhibitionism, the collection was unmistakably Ungaro.
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