Karl Lagerfeld Unveils Wearable Technology

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Renowned fashion designer and visible face of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has announced his plans to launch his own newspaper, fittingly called The Karl Daily. The publication will officially be on sale from September 20 and will be available in the seven European cities where the designer operates his flagship stores, with plans to extend availability to Asia. The paper will humorously explore the workaholic tendencies of Lagerfeld, as well as run street-style photos and a list of hotspots chosen by the designer—another vital step in Karl Lagerfeld's quest for world domination.

Wearable technology is an emerging trend that seems poised to break into the mainstream, with the launch of Apple’s new smart watch. The launch of the Apple Watch in Silicon Valley attracted a host of celebrities, fashion editors and savvy consumers to its grand unveiling on September 9. Few companies command as much love and loyalty as Apple, and with this, their first entirely new product since the launch of the iPad in 2010, the company seems set to have developed the first piece of wearable technology that will be widely adopted. An exciting and revolutionary time in the evolution of fashion, and one that could have bold and far-reaching effects.

Interest in wearable technology continued with Opening Ceremony unveiling tech-enabled pieces, while at the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Ralph Lauren’s new biometric data-transmitting polo tech shirts were already being seen worn on the backs of the fashion forward.

A brave new world of fusing fashion and technology awaits.
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