Brazil’s Love of Plastic Surgery & Carolina Herrera’s Smartphone App

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Top model Karlie Kloss, has been unveiled as the face of French style behemoth Chanel’s new perfume, Coco Noir. The 22-year-old beauty, an ex-Victoria’s Secret model, is pictured in moody silhouette for the campaign.

Brazil, famous for its love of football, vibrant carnival culture and the physical beauty of its inhabitants, may have revealed one of the reasons for the latter. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the country has now surpassed the United States as the world capital of plastic surgery. While possessing less than three percent of the world's population, Brazil accounted for 12.9 percent of the total number of cosmetic operations performed last year. This included 515,776 million breasts reshaped, 380,155 faces tweaked, 129,601 tummies tucked, 13,683 vaginas reconstructed, 219 penises enlarged and 63,925 buttocks augmented.

The rise in popularity of aesthetic procedures in Brazil is attributed to the spending power of the rapidly increasing middle class, credit procedures that allow the recipient to pay over a number of years, as well as a high level of competition that has lead to a fall in the price of surgery.

Technology is unquestionably changing the way fashion is consumed by taking the buyer far beyond the staid notion of a sales associate in a bricks and mortar store. Carolina Herrera is the latest company to address their consumers evolving buying habits with a new application for smartphones—Herrera Style. The app is catered towards the brand's loyal customers and is specifically personalized for each user. Customers can then access a number of services including online styling advice, item delivery, in-store pickup and reservation of items for a 48-hour period. The app functions both as an online shopping platform and a bespoke social media and marketing product.
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