Dressing Up with Barbie & Marc Jacobs “Tweet Store”

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Mattel Inc., manufacturer of fashion doll Barbie, has announced a collaboration with three American brands—Wildfox, Forever 21 and Lord & Taylor—to launch a Barbie clothing line this fall. The launch is part of Mattel's effort to re-establish Barbie as a modern-day fashion icon, and the partnership sees the three brands taking inspiration from different fashion eras and reinterpreting them to reflect Barbie’s idiosyncratic style.

Forever 21's collaboration will channel the ‘90s with its 29-piece capsule collection, scheduled to arrive in stores on September 5. Wildfox has taken on the ‘80s with its eight-piece collection, launching November 15, and Lord & Taylor will launch a 12-piece line of Barbie-themed sleepwear inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s on November 14. While not the first time Barbie has attempted to cross over into high-street fashion, it’s the brand's biggest ever entry into the mass consumer market thus far and seems poised to keep young women from outgrowing their love of Barbie for the immediate future.

Designer and perfume brand Marc Jacobs has opened a four-day pop-up store in London where items can be purchased not with cash but tweets. The store, designed to promote the new Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, allows users to access items through tweeting the hashtag #MJDaisyChain. The “tweet shop” features a live photo and Vine booth, with drinks and Wi-Fi access alongside selected fashion items and accessories.

Shares in American fashion design house Kate Spade & Company jumped as much as 12 percent in early trading, after beating early quarter estimates and raising its annual company forecast as sales increased more than 50 percent last quarter. The surge has seen shares of the company ascend to a new 52-week high.
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