Wrap title – Invitation Only LOVE, ROSIE Movie Premiere Los Angeles

The Love, Rosie movie premiere was held at the Odeon West End cinema in Leicester Square, London.

The romantic comedy is based on Irish author Cecelia Ahern’s 2004 novel, Where Rainbows End. The film stars popular actors Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, and also stars Tamsin Egerton, Jaime Winstone and British model Suki Waterhouse. The film follows Rosie and Alex, who have been best friends since childhood, as they grow up and have to handle all of the unexpected twists and turns life throws at them.

Adoring fans gathered around the red carpet to see their favorite stars. Suki Waterhouse gave her thoughts at the premiere saying, “When you’re at school... you feel that someone is so much better than you and they always get what they want. But when you get older you realize that none of it matters.”

Lily Collins divulged just how much she loved Britain’s capital city: “Oh it’s awesome! I always feel so much energy when I land in London. I love the fashion and I love the people. You can run around on foot, by taxi, by underground and you never have to take your own car, and I love that independence. London is so amazing and it’s an honor to be here premiering the film.”

Sam Claflin revealed that he found making the film nostalgic: “Hearing the same songs, seeing the technology that we had available then, MSN Messenger, the haircuts, everything was so 2000, and it was really enjoyable living through that again.”
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