Backstage at Kate Spade S/S 2015

Fashion One’s Katie Marie Stosic went behind the scenes at Kate Spade’s Spring/Summer 2015 presentation at New York Fashion Week.

Hairstylist Tommy Buckett gave an in-depth breakdown of the look for the event: “The Kate Spade collection today is very graphic and very architectural, so we wanted to do something really easy and carefree to set that off balance,” he explained. “So we’re doing a really simple beach wave. There’s nothing new to it, but instead of making it too curly, we’re making it a little ropey, more grungy and with a ’90s feel to it. It’s just very easy, sleek, chic hair. There are no extensions, no nothing. Basically, how the girl shows up is what we’re going with.”

Products used on the models included Garnier Texture Tease for a more lived-in look, and Beach Chic hairspray for that perfect beachy wave.

Kendall Ford, publicist for celebrity and fashion manicurist Deborah Lippmann, talked about the nails the models were sporting. “Deborah went for something very clean and graphic, this beautiful white nail using Amazing Grace,” she explained. “The biggest part about that is starting out with a fresh, well-groomed nail. And after that we used black striping tape to create graphic lines that go with the amazing eyeliner.”

Finally, Deborah Lloyd, Chief Creative Officer at Kate Spade, revealed the inspiration behind the collection: “Spring is in the air!” she said. “It’s all about escaping the ordinary and taking a moment for yourself and enjoying it.”
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