Nicolas Ghesquière New Feat and Calvin Klein’s New Territories

Nicolas Ghesquière Cruise Collection

French designer Nicolas Ghesquière, the legendary designer of Balenciaga, has debuted his second collection for Louis Vuitton; a Cruise collection - the season that falls between the traditional Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter shows in the fashion world. A lavish affair held in the small principality of Monaco, the show was a stylistic triumph with its meditations on surf culture and oceanic imagery and one that continued to affirm the public and fashion press’s rapturous reception of Nicolas Ghesquière new role as creative director for Louis Vuitton.

Calvin Klein in Latin America

American fashion house Calvin Klein and American Designer Fashion S.A. has announced a distribution and retail store license agreement which will give American Designer Fashion S.A. exclusive distribution of Calvin Klein products across the breadth of Latin America as well as several Caribbean countries. Tom Murray, the chief executive officer for Calvin Klein inc, praised the partnership, acknowledging the expertise of American Designer Fashion S.A. in the Latin America region and their pivotal role in successfully launching Calvin Klein’s sister company Tommy Hilfiger into the increasingly important market.

Fur Ban Upheld

Last year West Hollywood in California officially become the first city in the United States to implement a fur ban, the ban prohibits the sale of any garment made wholly or partially from the pelt or skin of an animal. Extremely unpopular with many retailers, the ban was challenged by high end fashion retailer Mayfair House as unconstitutional, however in a move praised by animal rights organizations the federal court has upheld the ordinance.
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