22/4 Hommes Femmes Menswear Collection for Spring Summer 2015

Fashion One host Maiken Lorentz goes behind the scenes for exclusive footage from behind the scenes of the runway of 22/4 Hommes Femmes Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collection in Paris.

“We wanted very bright because it’s summertime and we want some happiness – something very chic and elegant but also something alive and sunny,” said key make-up artist Alexandra Schiavi.

The most important products in the arsenal for this look were cream products. “Cream gives beauty back to tired skins, especially after London, Milan and Paris,” Sciavi explained. “As usual we used as little product as possible on the men to create really elegant and pure skin.” The label's creative director, Stephanie Hahn, worked closely with Schiavi to create a look that would best match the clothes.

Key hairstylist, Laurent Mole, explained the look he was going for with the models. “The summer look for next season is all about looking like the boys and girls have just come out of the pool and smoothed their hair back. It’s very fresh and stylish at the same time, but very cool,” he said. Techniques used included different products to fix the hair in place, as well as add shine to give the wet look. Hahn was also involved in creating the hairstyle for the show.

Hahn also revealed the inspiration behind the collection, “In addition to the usual tailoring that is included in the 22/4 collections, I also added a bit of a hip hop kind of feeling with loose trousers and baggy pants to give it a summer feeling. So that’s something a bit new with this collection. Aside from hip hop, I was inspired by the paintings of William Turner, an English painter.”
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