Tateossian Jewelry Showcase London Autumn Winter 2014

Fashion One correspondent Stefanie Rycraft Jones visits the Tateossian Jewelry Showcase in at the Hamyard Hotel near Piccadilly Circus in London to see their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection and explore the world of luxury jewelry design.

The brand’s Christmas in July press day allowed a sneak peek of the entire collection.

Adrienne Cline, head of PR, gave a little background into the brand. “The brand is the brainchild of Robert Tateossian, hence the name, and we’re celebrating 25 next years, which is epic. It started off with cufflinks and has gradually naturally grown into a full men’s accessory brand. Even today we offer iPhone cases, wallets, cardholders, any possible men’s accessory. It’s very classic yet very contemporary.”

Jewelry designer Gabrielle talked about the new collection. “We’re quite well known for our gears, so we have gear cufflinks which sell really well – they’re really fun. Anything with a fun element to it is quite signature of our brand,” she said.

The rare stones collection is crafted from a selection of one-off rare stones, such as rough cut black diamonds, meaning that each piece is unique in texture and finish.

Limited edition cufflinks, also featuring rare materials such as 30,000-year-old meteorites and dinosaur bones, are also created by the brand.
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