FashionOne takes you to the movie premier of The Boxtrolls in Los Angeles

FashionOne takes a trip to Hollywood and brings you to the movie premier of The Boxtrolls at the Universal Studios, Los Angeles. The Boxtrolls is the latest release from Laika who have previously brought us blockbusters such as Coraline and ParaNorman. The movie follows the adventures of “Eggs”, a human boy raised by trash-collecting trolls, as he attempts to save them from Archibald Snatcher, a pest exterminator. These peaceful creatures known as Boxtrolls come out at night to collect trash to turn into inventions and with a star-studded cast it’s set to be another hit.

As the casts and celebrities flaunted their fashionable outfits at the red carpet we spoke to Elle Fanning, Nick Frost and Sir Ben Kingsley about the new release. Elle, in a Black Oscar de la Renta ensemble shared how she was eager to follow in her sister’s footsteps after Dakota was the voice of Coraline. Elle plays the part of Winnie – the neglected daughter of Lord Portley-Rind, played by Jared Harris. Nick Frost who plays Mr Trout, accomplice to Ben Kingsley’s character resident baddie Archibald Snatcher reveals how Ben manages to perfectly portray a bad guy who turns good in the end.
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