A Mix of Sportswear and Tailoring Creates Urban Camouflage at Kris Van Assche

We show you the KRISVANASSCHE autumn/winter 2015 collection from Paris featuring an exciting smooth mix of sportswear and tailoring.

The show had a fresh contemporary feel, as expected from the often minimalist brand, but with an undercurrent of a 60s mod influence with most of the models wearing casual sneakers and the Belgian designer reimagining the sportswear and formalwear mix with a hint of 60s futurism in mock necks and skinny suits.

Kris Van Assche talks about his inspiration being the idea of an ‘urban warrior’ battling in the city on a bike rather than with a gun and how this challenged him to think about sportswear garments in particular, such as cycling vests. He also created and subverted his own subtle reinterpretation of the military camouflage print, with single sections taken out and placed on the outfits and reassembled in knitwear which also feature structured patterns akin to armor.

There was a simple and rich collection of colours used, teaming red, green and blue with charcoal and grey through the suits, sweaters and shiny parka jackets with fur trims. The striking shorter length jackets were also reminiscent of racing jockey’s silks which again held with Van Assche’s vision of movement and the idea that man as the warrior needs to keep looking towards the future, and heading towards it!
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