Women’s Wear Daily is No Longer Daily

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Women’s Wear Daily, also known as the fashion bible and a daily must-read, just announced that they are going weekly. The 105-year-old publication has released a statement that they will be published weekly in favor of more in-depth coverage.

The news came as a shock to some in the industry who had been reading WWD everyday for years. WWD built its reputation for its round-the-clock coverage of the industry. All things considered, it is unsurprising that WWD––known for perpetually being on top of the industry––should evolve with the digital age.

Women's Wear Daily is No Longer Daily

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While the physical publication will go weekly, according to WWD daily news will still be covered on their site and in their subscription based Digital Daily roundup. According to The Cut, “The paper is also expanding internationally, with a focus on emerging markets — adding Brazil and China bureaus to its existing London, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo outposts, and adding correspondents worldwide.”

WWD released a statement saying, “In a media age where algorithms, aggregation and native content have reshaped and destroyed many news organizations, WWD’s core values and mission remain. Get the story first. Be right. Be fair.” The final weekly publication will be released on April 24.
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