Vixens Off The Vinyl Covers

“Heritage is good for me—going back to the archives, but looking forward to the future.” -Frida Giannini

The Spring/Summer 2015 Collection for Gucci was earthy, and an alluring homage to the ‘70s era. Launched by creative director Frida Giannini, the pieces range from Gucci’s staples of suede camel coats with large gold sailor buttons, to denim skater dresses and pompous cropped jackets with shaggy fur and feathers. Many of the looks were accessorized with a chic neck scarf, giving the image of a woman on the go, who “dresses to please herself.”

This collection was also a “defiance to seasonal conventions,” as many of the colors used were more suited for fall—deep browns, rustic reds and luxurious golds served as the main palette for the collection. Loose corset laces were featured on a number of the pieces, as well as bold prints with both cream and chestnut backgrounds.

It’s as if these women had hopped off the covers of a vinyl album—which Giannini owns 8,000 of in her home. She explains her music-related inspiration for her design ideas in an interview with Interview magazine: “…I always loved the look of musicians…it seemed that the ones I liked didn’t need to have a stylist….I have some memories of looking at David Bowie in the ‘70s, and he had this look that was so authentic and original, which I think is more genuine in a way for a musician, and also very intriguing from the designer’s point of view.”

Overall, the vintage theme was effortlessly updated to contemporary standards, and was a great exhibition of Giannini’s taste.
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