A Sophisticated Display of Botanical Brilliance at the Armani Privé Haute Couture Show

We take you to the catwalk show of the Georgio Armani Privé Paris Haute Couture collection spring/summer 2015. This year celebrated the 10th anniversary since the introduction of the Armani Privé line and it was a fittingly fresh and elegant show for the occasion.

The main theme and inspiration was bamboo. From the the sticks to the leaves, bamboo was everywhere! The runway was lined with illuminated golden bamboo sticks and even the models’ hair and drop earrings mimicked the solid structures. The eastern influence went beyond nature with hints of Japanese traditional garments like obi belts and wide leg culottes being sublimely reinvented. The subtle colors also gave an organic zen-like Japanese calm with muted grays and blues and a dash of matcha tea green.

The bamboo motif returned in a variety of prints and embellishments, even the paneled structure of some of the garments and glimmering long beads echoed the mighty plant. We saw a range of simple box jackets and chic tailoring along with intricate pleats and folds, gorgeous sheer and transparent fabrics in trousers and dresses with appliquéd details. The most spectacular garments were the fully feathered gowns, which transformed the figures into creations of an exotic botanical world.
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