Dice Kayek’s Voluminous Baby Doll Dresses Delight in Paris

Fashion One brings you the Dice Kayek spring/summer haute couture show from Paris. This is the second couture collection from the label founded by Turkish sisters Ayse and Ece Ege.

The show entitled “Dollhouse” featured a collection of sculptural baby doll mini dresses in a playful colour range of red, pink, navy blue, green and monochrome. Fabrics were folded and twisted creating layers and creases which gave volume and form to each garment. The sequential folds were at times experimenting with scale and almost reminiscent of stacking Russian matryoshka dolls. Other childish elements appeared in the Tetris block print of an optical art black and white dress which was mirrored in the folded sections of other pieces in the collection. Aside from the dresses, the collection also included refined jumpsuits, capes and capelettes, with the later pieces becoming increasingly embellished with heavy intricate beaded details.

A mix of childhood nostalgia and throwbacks to late 1960s and early 1970s femininity was combined with contemporary structural designs and techniques, giving a smooth and elegant union without pandering to the unsettling sexualization of youth than tends to go hand in hand with combinations of childhood purity and adult fantasy. The designer referenced artists Annette Messager, Louise Bourgeois and Hans Bellmer as her inspiration.
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