Kate Moss Throws Punches at the Paparazzi with Lady Gaga

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Kate Moss was out partying with Lady Gaga in Paris last Friday night when she displayed her worst model behavior. The pair, along with Lady Gaga’s bodyguards and entourage, were entering Parisienne hotspot Club Haussmann when paparazzi quickly surrounded them with their cameras.

Just as Moss was about to enter the venue, she unexpectedly turned and threw a punch at a photographer behind her. Lady Gaga was visibly shocked, pictured putting her hand up to her mouth.

The sweet and lovely Kate I could laugh with her for hours! Beauty from the inside out.

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According to Fox News, “Moss was just steps away from the entrance when, in a flash, she spun on her heels, furrowed her brow and attacked one photographer. She caught a fistful of his coat sleeve and went to swing at the man before Gaga’s entourage intervened.”

Moss’ violent outburst could have been spurred by a previous run in with photographers. Back in 2010, her and her daughter Lila were almost trampled outside of Los Angeles International Airport, similar to the Kendall Jenner incident earlier this week.

It has been reported that no one was injured in the incident, and it remains to be known whether or not the photographer in question will be pressing charges. See the outburst here.
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