Styled in the Ice: Moncler Grenoble | New York Fashion Week Fall 2015-16

Moncler, the French-Italian apparel and lifestyle brand founded in 1952, is famed for its weather defying sportswear. Making its New York Fashion Week debut in 2010 the stylish fashion-forward sub-label Moncler Grenoble created a dramatic runway and played to its strengths with its autumn/winter 2015-2016 collection “Love Factory”, presenting a collection of highly technical luxury ski and snow outerwear for men and women. The spectacular show was notable for its exceptional stage design, with a gigantic neon red heart shaped chocolate box - Moncler’s homage to Valentine’s day - dominating the presentation hall. With sixties and seventies era love-songs playing in the background the box slowly opened to reveal 25 couples wearing matching Moncler Grenoble apparel and equipment. Each couple represented different outdoor activities from fishing to horse riding, snowboarding, skiing and curling. The couples, lit in dramatic fashion, were raised into the air by red hydraulic platforms in kinetic arrangements, with the show culminating in a grand finale where a bride, in quilted down gown and groom in a puffer tuxedo, emerged resplendent in white.

The collection was marked by an increasing level of sophistication and a greater ease of translation from the snowfield to the frigid city. Clothing was a mix of traditional and technical fabrics, with a trademark of the season, long and short fur used on jackets and knits, giving a Mongolian/Himalayan atmosphere. Arctic white, deep black and navy blue were the dominant colors of the collection.
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